10 Medical Mistakes of All Time That Are Famous

Medical mistakes, as you may have noticed, are some things that happen on a daily basis. In fact, research will show you that close to 200,000 people die annually in America from medical mistakes that in some sense, could have been prevented. A medical malpractice lawyer offers the legal counsel and representations to victims of medical malpractice and negligence. Below are some ten medical mistakes that could have been prevented.

  1. The surgery that was done on the wrong side of the head

The neurosurgeons at the Rhode Island Hospital were the perpetrators in this case where they made a fatal mistake to perform a total of three different surgeries on the wrong side of the head of three different patients in 2007. Only two of these surgeries were realized to be mistakes early and stopped, but the one of an 86-year old man went through and left him for dead only three weeks after the surgery was completed.

  1. Wrong lung and heart transplant

This is another very famous case where Jesica Santillan, 17, was operated on at the Duke University Hospital in 2003. What went horrifically wrong is when the hospital transplanted the wrong lungs and heart. She was blood type O, and the organs were from a donor with blood type A. By the time that the doctors realized their mistake and tried to correct it, it was too late.

  1. Babies who were given an accidental overdose

The newborns of Kimberly Buffington and Dennis Quaid were the center of attention not just because they were the children of stars, but because they also just nearly died as a result of an overdose from one of the hospital nurses. Instead of giving the newborns 10 units of heparin to thin their blood, the nurses injected them with an adult dose of 10,000 units.

  1. Removed wrong testicle

Benjamin Houghton underwent a medical treatment needed to have his left testicle removed. The surgeons at VA Medical Center, Los Angeles, however, went on ahead and had the right testicle removed, which was the good testicle, and left the wrong one intact.

  1. Removed wrong leg

Willie King, 52, went to have one a diseased leg removed at the hospital. Little did he know that the hospital would be amputating his good leg and leaving the bad one still intact. Willie sued the doctor and hospital and got $10,000 from the doctor and $250,000 for King as compensation for the damages caused.

  1. Wrong sperm used

Here, a fertility clinic ended up making a fatal error of fertilizing a mother’s egg with the wrong sperm, not the husband’s. Thomas and Nancy were the victims in this case. They noticed this when the baby was born, but its complexion was far darker than any of theirs. And when a DNA test was done, their doubts were proven to be true, Thomas was not the child’s biological father.

  1. Removed kidney when it was supposed to be the gallbladder

The Milford Regional Center, Massachusetts, ended up removing an 84-year-old woman’s right kidney when it was the gallbladder that needed to be removed. This incident occurred in 2006. This surgery didn’t affect the patient much, in fact, she ended up getting better and didn’t need to have her gallbladder removed.

  1. Surgical tools that were left inside patients

In this case, a 13-inch retractor ended up being left in a patient’s abdomen after the surgery. Donald Church underwent an abdomen surgery where the surgeon forgot to notice the surgical tool until later on, and the patient had to be operated on again to remove the surgical tool.

  1. The patient who was awake during surgery

Sherman Sizemore underwent abdominal surgery while wide awake. The was only given general anesthetic 16 minutes into the surgery. This tormenting experience drove Sherman to commit suicide only two weeks after the surgery.

  1. Unneeded double mastectomy

Two doctors had advised Darrie Eason to go through with a double mastectomy. Only for her to find out later that she never had breast cancer at all. She had both of her breasts removed. She filed a lawsuit in 2007 and got an undisclosed amount from it.