10 Things You Need To Know About DNA Testing For Genealogy

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There is very little doubt that ancestry DNA test has become a very integral part of our society. Understanding our history brings us much closer to our roots and understanding our genealogy gives many a sense of honor to know their lineage.

Before you decide to get your ancestry DNA test, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you check your genetic background.

# 1 – DNA Test Is A Supplement To Geneology Research

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Research should not be underestimated. When trying to discover more about your ancestry and your genealogy you may want to keep this tidbit in mind; DNA test is just supplemented there is nothing quite like researching your family history to learn where you come from.

# 2 – Every DNA Test Are Not The Same

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Several DNA tests are available, and they are not all the same. There is DNA test for men only that traces the paternal genetic lineage, and there is DNA test that is strictly for finding out who a father is to a child.

# 3 – Different Reasons For a Test

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Continuing with the second entry you may want to know exactly what you want the test for because as mentioned there are several tests that can be taken. If you want to learn more about your genealogy, then there are tests for that, or if you’re going to get connected with other family members, you didn’t even know about there are tests for that.

# 4 – Testing The Right Person

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Understand that DNA testing is very challenging. If you are a woman – and for example, you want to prove that Einstein was a relative of yours, you would have to get your brother or some male relative to take the test to confirm this.

# 5 – Choose a Reputable DNA Testing Company

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When undertaking a DNA test, it would prove most beneficial for you to research the many DNA testing companies out there.

# 6 – What Are The Cost?

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It would prove invaluable to you to do a bit of research on how much specific DNA tests cost. There is some test that cost as little as $100 and as much as $800.

# 7 – The Process

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As mentioned a few times there are several DNA tests out there, and it would be most helpful for you to understand the process of each of these test and how long you must wait for results.

# 8 – Time

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Depending on the test you take you can wait a few days (for parental testing) or weeks to a month (for genealogy results).

# 9 – Privacy

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Many DNA testing companies keep your records in their database. So if you are privy to your privacy, you may want to read their Privacy policy.

# 10 – Is Worth The Cost

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DNA testing is very much worth the cost especially if you are trying to learn and verify more about your family history and ancestry.