5 Best Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Since ancient times, acupuncture has been used to make people feel better. Everyone has heard of it and many people have used it at one time or another to bring relief to the body. These days, however, acupuncture is being rediscovered with a whole new purpose. The techniques of acupuncture are proving to be extremely effective in dealing with some pesky cosmetic issues that no cream or device has been able to treat.

The logic behind this treatment is that symptoms which end up presenting themselves on your face are actually part of a deeper issue that is going on inside of the body, and with the help of targeted acupuncture, relief can be achieved for both problems.

Below are the five best benefits of cosmetic acupuncture:

1. You’ll be getting to the source of the problem

Although we don’t usually think of it this way, signs of premature aging, including fine lines and sagging skin, are most likely visible manifestations of internal imbalances within the body. Of course, these issues, along with changing pigmentation, are also influenced by the outside environment we are exposed to.

What acupuncture actually does is, through targeted points of contacts, promote circulation within the meridians that connect to the face. By addressing an individual’s specific health condition, both the cause of the problem and the visible symptoms are being addressed.

2. You’ll be stimulating your body’s ability to heal

In thinking about what the needles used in acupuncture actually do, it is useful to visualize a system that helps increase blood flow. Boosting microcirculation in the face leads to younger and more beautiful skin, but it is also stimulating the body’s own natural capacity to heal and repair the skin.

By triggering the release of energy that lies deep in the dermal layer of the skin, this process is able to increase production of new collagen and elastin naturally.

3. You’ll be achieving deep relaxation

The thought of needles in your skin might not immediately provoke feelings of relaxation, but in fact the process of acupuncture can truly be very relaxing. In addition, most clinics offering cosmetic acupuncture understand the importance of creating a relaxing environment and go out of their way to enhance the whole experience with added treatments and special touches.

Through the use of balancing facial masks and application of jade rollers, you can expect the experience of cosmetic acupuncture to be one that leaves you feeling completely rested and relaxed.

4. You’ll look younger and feel better

By promoting the circulation of blood, cosmetic acupuncture will definitely lead to firmer, plumper skin, which adds a youthful flush to any face. The benefits do not stop here though. Cosmetic acupuncture can also help treat acne and other scarring, improve dull dry skin, and can even help out with problems like sinus congestion and headache.

5. You’ll be working towards a long-term fix

When considering whether or not cosmetics acupuncture is the right answer for you, it is important to remember that you’ll be working towards a long-term solution to your skin problems, rather than something that will work immediately but the effects of which will fade. You’re essentially teach the body and skin how to heal and regenerate itself and therefore you need to be patient when it comes to the results.

Depending on your exact requirements or the issues you’re dealing with, you will be prescribed a course of cosmetic acupuncture over a varying length of time. That being said, you can expect to see results following 2-3 treatments in terms of reducing fine lines and improved pigmentation. More complicated problems may take longer but once you’ve achieved your results, monthly maintenance is usually enough to ensure they last.