5 Health and Digestion Benefits from Coffee Enemas

You know, the world may just be as open minded as it has ever been these days, and that’s a beautiful thing to be able to think about. As such, there are quite a few remedies being tried that are as different as they are imaginative. Some of them work quite well, while others aren’t quite as effective as people hoped they would be.

One of these remedies, however, is surprisingly effective as well as very beneficial. Naturally, I am referring to the coffee enema. This neat little procedure is a bit of an out of the box idea, but the upsides to doing it are very clear to see, but don’t just take my word for it. Let’s discuss five wonderful benefits that you will gain from getting a coffee enema.

1. Candida Prevention

Candida is a very unfortunate growth of fungus within your intestines. Unfortunately, this growth can lead to numerous terrible symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, and even a weakened immune system. None of those things are pleasant to deal with and no one should have to suffer from them. Fortunately, however, a coffee enema can actively stop the growth of Candida in it’s tracks, and that’s just great! Plus, a coffee enema can even discourage the growth of other bad bacteria too.

2. Detoxify the Liver

Our livers are precious organs and we tend to not give them the care that they deserve. A mistreated liver can lead to bloating and stomach pain, as well as intestinal disturbances. With the application of a coffee enema, we can help those overworked livers by detoxifying them, allowing it to rest for a while and fight its way back to good

3. Digestion and Regularity

Anyone who has suffered from indigestion or constipation can tell you that it is best to avoid those ailments at all costs. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to do so. You may actively attempt to avoid them only to end up suffering from them due to circumstances beyond your control.

There are a few ways to deal with these issues, but it is commonly agreed upon that a coffee enema is one of the more pleasant ways to do so. By receiving a coffee enema, you will promote good digestion and regularity in your body, and that’s always a lovely thing to do.

4. Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is prevalent issue all across the world today. Many different treatments work for different people, but there is one that people can try if they are having a difficult time dealing with their stress. Your colon and liver are known as “parasympathetic organs,” and have been known to play a role in stress and anxiety disorders.

This means that when a coffee enema detoxifies your colon and liver, it is actively helping you fight against your stress and anxiety. Honestly, it could be said that most people could use a little stress relief.

5. Hormone Regulation

Believe it or not, your liver plays a pretty significant role in the metabolism of hormones found within your body. Therefore, when your liver is filled with all those nasty toxins, it could lead to a severe backup of the wrong type of estrogen within the liver.

Of course, this can lead to some pretty averse side effects that no one wants to deal with. A coffee enema will help regulate your liver, allowing it to properly process the estrogen flowing through it. That may just end up saving you a whole lot of heart ache in the long run.