5 Health and Safety Guidelines for Mascot Costumes

Having a mascot represent your brand is a great way to generate business given how recognizable, approachable and versatile it can be. Given how important a mascot can be to a brand’s image, it’s essential to prepare for wearing the costume. For those that have yet to wear a mascot costume continue on to the article below for an outlined of the most important things to know before putting it on.

1. Stay Hydrated

It’s essential that anyone wearing a mascot costume stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and throughout the day. This is an important part of wearing a consume seeing as most of the outfits are heavy and hot. Without a constant source of hydration mascots are at a high risk of suffering from exhaustion or dehydration while in the suit. This is especially true if they are at an outdoor event and will be standing or walking in the sun throughout the day.

To help combat any potential issues with dehydration, it is important to keep on hand extra bottles of water to drink throughout the day. Or, consider wearing a hydration system such as a water pack under the suit that allows wearers to store water on them to freely drink from it throughout the day.

2. Use a Cooling Vest

Wearing a mascot costume for an extended period of time can result in dehydration and exhaustion if proper measures aren’t used to combat against the heat. To help ensure the heat doesn’t because harm consider wearing a cooling vest underneath the suit. A cooling vest can easily fit underneath most material without impact and help to chill the body in how conditions. In turn, helping to prevent heat exhaustion and ensure the wearer is comfortable throughout the day.

3. Eat Before Wearing

It’s also recommended that anyone wearing a mascot costume for an extended period of time eat a well-balanced meal prior to putting it on. Eating a meal that is heavy in carbs (such as potatoes, pasta or rice) gives the wearer enough energy to perform throughout the entire day. Otherwise, failing to eat a proper meal can result in a lacklustre performance and discomfort throughout the day.

4. Wear Light Clothing Underneath

In addition to wearing cooling packs underneath the costume it’s also recommended to wear light and breathable clothing. Wearing breathable clothing allows for air to freely circulate in the suit and prevents discomfort from bunding or bunching. If clothing worn under the suit is too tight it can cause the person to sweat more and result in chafing from the fabric rubbing against their skin.

Having to deal with this discomfort while in the suit can result in disappointment and an upset mascot that may not be as engaging as you’d like them to be which is why it’s best to prepare with lightweight clothing.

5. Bring an Emergency Repair Kit

Seeing as the mascot costume will be worn all day, it’s recommended to bring an emergency repair kit to the event. An emergency kit is needed to make minor repairs on the spot that would have otherwise ruined the event such as tears or rips to the fabric of the suit.

Without an emergency kit having to make these repaints while at a function can be difficult to do and prevent the mascot from being able to perform at the event. Rather, wearers should prepare a small kit with items such as: duct tape, scissors, a hot glue gun and a needle and thread that can quickly patch any accidents that occur throughout the night.