7 Best Practices to Study & Learn in Dental Courses

Enrolling in a dental assistant course is a crucial first step in kickstarting your dentistry career. However, to get the most value from a dental assistant education course, you need to prepare adequately. You are likely to be overwhelmed by the volumes of required reading necessary to pass exams.

Luckily, there are ways you can circumvent these challenges and pass your dental assistant education exam with honours. Let’s look at a few of these options.

1. If Something Is Unclear, Ask

The best to learn, besides reading and listening, is to ask questions. If something is not clear to you, don’t be afraid to ask the lecturer or trainer. If you don’t understand a particular topic while in class, chances are you won’t understand it either if you choose to read about it at home. Before the class is over, ask the instructor to clarify any topic you are having difficulty understanding. They are there to assist you, anyway.

2. Connect with Others

Make friends and try to relate with as many people as possible. You share a lot in common with quite a number of students in your class. You are all sailing in the same boat. However, some students are quick to grasp concepts taught in class while others are a bit slow in catching up. Sometimes a fellow student may understand a concept that you are struggling with or vice versa.

3. Study Together

Having a study friend helps you make the best use of the course. Since a dental assistant education course is intensive, studying alongside a friend is highly beneficial. It is therefore important to look for a fellow student with whom you can study together.

4. Do Your Homework

Reading is the main homework, and the dental assistant book is not easy to read. In some cases, you may want to read ahead; or go over a topic you did not understand in class. You should set aside time for reading every day. You can do this in the evening or early in the morning if you are an early riser. Isolate a block of time when you can immerse yourself into reading the course book. A student who reads ahead of the class is always a step ahead. You are also more likely to get the most value from a class if you are thoroughly read.

5. Take Notes and Highlight Important Points

Besides taking notes, you can also highlight important points in the course book; it’s your book anyway. Later when going through your book, you will be able to refer to the highlighted text quickly. Highlighting what you deem important makes it easy for you to scan the entire book without having to read everything.

6. Record the Lecture

Yes, you can bring a voice recorder to the class. Most instructors won’t mind you bringing in a voice recorder to tape the lecture. This can help you recap bits of the lecture that you may have missed in class. It also means the instructor does not have to keep repeating himself since you can listen to the recording later.

7. Have Fun

Don’t sweat the small stuff or take yourself too seriously. Have fun in class and out of class. The best way to stay motivated and activated is to make sure you are having fun as you learn. Of course, since you don’t want to fail your exams, temper your fun with serious study and concentration while in class.

Taking a dental assistant education course can be exciting if you take your studies seriously enough to put in study time and attend all classes. You should also enjoy yourself and make friends. Having a study friend can be a great way to study since you will both encourage one another.