8 Methods to Keep Your Medical Scrubs in Good Condition

Your scrubs will go through many washes over the years and will take more punishment than any of the other clothes that you will ever own. By making sure that you take care of your scrubs you can save yourself a log of money over the years as the cost of replacement scrubs can really add up over the course of a career.

1. Pre treat your new scrubs

Before you wear your medical scrubs for the first time, you should make sure that you prepare them properly. The first thing that you need to do is to set the colour. This will prevent the washed out look that a pair of scrubs can have after a few months. To do this you will need to wash them by hand in a small bowl of water mixed with vinegar as soon as you buy them. This hot tip will allow you to remain looking put together and professional at all times.

2. Don’t mix your scribs with your other laundry

When you wash your scrubs, you will probably want to wash them separately from your other clothes anyway. It is also a necessity that you wash your clothes separately from your scrubs. This is because you will need to disinfect your scrubs a great deal.

3. Colour safe stain removers are your friend

Stains will be common on your scrubs in just a short time unless you are proactive at removing them. Stains can be removed using harsh cleaners, but if you want to keep the colours of your scrubs from fading or becoming patchy, you need to use a colour safe stain remover.

4. Wash in two stages

For the first wash you will need to use regular detergent and cold water. The first thing that you should do is to turn your scrubs inside out and keep the the amount of scrubs that you place into the washing machine to a half load. This will remove any stains completely so that you can move onto the second wash.

The second wash is where you move onto the big guns. Using hot water and colour safe bleach you can makes sure that your scrubs are not only clean, they also look like new for a long time to come.

5. Dry on the highest heat setting

Now that your scrubs are clean, you need to make sure that they are also dry. You should run them through the dryer at the highest possible setting for 30 minutes or until they are completely dry. This will no only dry them but it will kill any residual bacteria on your scrubs. So even the drying process is helping to protect you and your patients.

6. Iron your scrubs

Not only does ironing your scrubs make you look professional, it will also help to disinfect your scrubs. Even after the bleach, hot water and dryer, there are many stubborn microbes in healthcare that can still remain in your scrubs at this stage. It is unlikely of course, but it is still worth the extra effort to eliminate them through the use of a hot iron.

7. Inspect your scrubs

This is a great way to ensure that you have not missed any stains or marks. The last thing that you want to do is to get to work only to realise that your scrubs are not clean. This can leave a bad impression on your superiors and your patients.

8. Only wear your scrubs at work

Your scrubs will see their fair share of wear throughout your career, the last thing that you want is to wear them when you don’t have to.