Relationship DNA Test – 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

Today, one very popular and growing trend is to take a relationship DNA test. The results of a DNA test can be very fascinating and informative. People will take DNA tests for a variety of purposes, including learning more about their personal history, trying to seek out family, or even to confirm parental relationships. Before you take a DNA test, there are six things that you need to know.

1. Surprisingly Accurate

Surprisingly Accurate

One of the main things that surprise people when it comes to DNA tests today is that they are very accurate. While DNA tests have been in use for a long time, the testing processes have continued to be improved and enhanced. Today, tests compiled by CRI Genetics and other firms are far more accurate than ever before. In fact, it has been estimated that the typical DNA test is more than 99% accurate, which means you can usually rely on the results if it is done correctly.

2. Can Be Done at Home

Can Be Done at Home

Another surprising fact about DNA tests is that they can be done at home and very conveniently. Traditionally, people would have to go to a lab to give blood or other DNA. Today, the tests can be easily completed at home and then sent in for results. Furthermore, there no longer is a need for needles when taking a test. Instead, you can quickly swab the inside of a cheek to get all of the DNA you need for a full test.

3. Not Admissible Evidence

Not Admissible Evidence

While the tests that you take at home are very accurate and can be done quickly, these are not necessarily admissible in court. If you are using a DNA test for paternity, the tests that you have taken on your own likely will not be enough to be issued as evidence. Instead, you will still need to go through the standard legal process in order to have a DNA test ordered.

4. Learn of New Relatives

Learn of New Relatives

Many people today are surprised about how much information can be learned about a DNA test. However, many people do not thinking about hos the test can be used to link you to complete strangers. When you use certain services, you will have the right to make your DNA public. The services will then be able to link you to individuals that are actually related to you. This could help you to meet family that you didn’t even know you had.

5. Get More Ancestry History

Get More Ancestry History

One of the main reasons why people take DNA tests today is to get more ancestry history. When you take a DNA test for ancestry purposes, you will get far more detailed information about where your ancestors came from. This can help you to learn far more about yourself, your family history, and where you originated from.

6. Learn of Disease Risks

Learn of Disease Risks

While it is interesting to learn about your ancestors, you can also use a DNA test for more practical purposes. One of the main advantages is to learn more about your risk of certain diseases. If you do have a higher chance of getting a disease, the test will give you this insight and allow you to make lifestyle changes or be on the outlook for symptoms.