Six Tips to Help You Get Financing For Your Plastic Surgery

Economic times are tough, and many people who desire to go for plastic surgery have a rough time saving up for the procedure. Many financial advisors will ask you not to put elective plastic surgery ahead of your other crucial financial obligations such as your mortgage or education payments. Now that you have talked to a plastic surgeon and are aware of the overall cost of your plastic surgeon procedure, here’s is how you can get financing for the surgery.

1. Work on your credit score

Plastic surgery financiers in Canada and beyond will analyze your credit score thoroughly before extending a loan to you. Therefore, make sure you know what your credit score is. In case it is low, work on improving it. Just like any other loan, a good credit score improves the chances of approval.

2. Find out the total cost of the procedure

There are many types of plastic surgeries, and they all have different charges. Usually, there are three kinds of fees under all plastic surgeries. They are:
• Theater/ facility costs
• Plastic surgeon charge
• Anesthesiologist payment

3. What type of financing does your plastic surgery accept?

Some plastic surgeons will not accept payments from individual fanciers, and financiers do not work with all plastic surgeons. It is your duty to research on the payment methods accepted by the surgeon as well as the surgeons that the financing company works with. Inquire from the funding company how they pay for the procedure. Some write checks while others do bank transfers. You should make sure that your plastic surgeon is comfortable with the mode of payment.

4. Can you afford the installment payments?

Do not destroy your credit score by subscribing to a loan you cannot afford. Your economic health should matter more than your cosmetic surgery. If you are stressed about other things, your body will take longer to heal. If you are not capable of financing the procedure, postpone the surgery.

5. Apply to only one financing company at a time

Credit score models usually consider the times you have applied for funding. Credit scoring companies will thus lower your credit score with every application. Therefore, individuals who apply and their applications are denied lower their chances of getting financing for their cosmetic surgery. Even though there is no standard number of applications that one should make at a given instance, it is important to be cautious on how many claims you make at a time.

6. Your answers should favor you

Many individuals miss out on financing because they do not fill out their loan application forms correctly. For instance, ensure you list all your income sources and not just your salary. Remember to pick the minimum required payment even though you can afford to pay more. This way, you will be able to cater for the installments regardless of how tight finances might be at the time. To learn more, please visit Plastic Surgery Info for additional information, resources and references.