The Human Genome Project and Ancestry DNA Testing

Human beings have always wondered about their origin. The further we have developed as a species, the more we have tried unraveling the mystery of our past. Among the many things we wish to know, the history of human beings on earth and their migration is one of the most interesting ones. Even though the world is divided by boundaries today, but that doesn’t prevent up from feeling the bond we share with people miles away. We are the global citizens and we love to travel and learn about our ancestors.

Unraveling the mystery of our origin

Ever since the discovery of DNA and its many properties, especially the fact that it can reveal previously unknown facts about the person and the characteristics, it has received immense interest from the scientific community. And thus, it gave rise to the human genome project. The initial target of the project was to sequence the entire human DNA in order to unravel the mystery and know more about human beings and the various properties as expressed by different parts of the human genome.

The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was a natural result of further studies and advancement of genetic engineering. It was Alfred Sturtevant, in the year 1911, who first realized the need to have a genetic map while working on the mutation of the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) in the laboratory of Thomas Hunt Morgan. This ultimately led to the idea of mapping the entire human DNA to know about the location of specific genes and their exact functions. What seemed like a massive work, was finally completed and the entire human DNA map was published in April 2003.

Mapping human history

Mapping human history

Once the human DNA mapping was done, it was only a matter of time before we start questioning about the origin of human beings and try to use the map to get further knowledge about our past and origin. The result was, as expected, the rise of a brand new line of study that allows the mapping of movement of human beings over centuries. It is a general assumption that human beings, as we know, came into existence in the African continent and later migrated to other parts. SOURCE:

Once we had the human genome map in our hand, we sought out to trace this migration and know more about how the human society evolved over the years. This brings us to the human ancestry DNA test.

Modern human ancestry DNA test

Modern DNA test

Ancestry DNA test allows us to know more about the past and peer deeper into our origin story and trace our lineage over the years. While this seems extremely interesting, the process isn’t as simple as it sounds. This needs volunteers and a massive database of other participants and knowledge of their recorded lineage. This allows the scientists to create the map and trace the origin back through the decades, and even centuries. Organizations like CRI Genetics are allowing to do the impossible by creating their own database and constantly enriching it while allowing us to come closer to our origin and roots.

Ancestry DNA test kits – tools promoting global harmony

Today, as more among us come to know about our origin and how we are composed of various ethnicities, it not only improves our understanding of our history but also creates a sense of global harmony. Borders and territories can mark our citizenship, but the ancestry DNA testing project is certainly bringing people closer together.