Which Retirement Home Option is Best for Your Loved One?

Everyone who lives into their golden years will have to think about retirement options at some point. Younger family members often have the responsibility of helping an elderly loved one choose a retirement lifestyle based on the senior’s health and lifestyle preferences. In recent years a number of retirement homes have opened to offer a range of services that can help seniors at different levels of self-care to enjoy good quality of life as they age.

Nursing homes.

In the traditional style, nursing homes are facilities that provide living arrangements that include medical monitoring and nursing care. Some nursing facilities offer several lifestyle levels, ranging from assisted care to full nursing care. The typical resident will live there for the rest of his or her life under the supervision of licensed medical and nursing professionals who will oversee health care and daily care in the resident’s best interests.

Long-term care.

Similarly, long term care offers full-service care for residents whose functioning levels are incapacitated to some degree by illness, genetics, or injury. This type of care may be temporary or permanent, depending on whether the health status of a resident changes for better or worse. Like nursing homes, long term care may offer occupational therapy and physical therapy, speech therapy, and other types of support services needed by residents for various conditions.

Private residences.

Although nursing homes are established in a business framework and with commercial aspects, such as including in some cases on-site hair salons or spas, private homeowners can also be trained and obtain certification or licensing to offer elder care in their homes. This usually requires state training and testing of the owner, strict compliance with state guidelines, and routine inspections by state agencies. A private home may benefit older persons who prefer a more relaxed and comfortable way of life compared to the professional trappings of a nursing care facility.

Assisted living facilities.

Assisted living offers the advantages of independent living combined with the safeguards of a professional care facility. Residents have their own room or a shared room with housekeeping and meals provided. Some residents are able to keep a car and drive wherever they wish, if they are medically able. Others can get rides to and from doctor appointments or wherever they need to go. They can bring some of their own furniture and enjoy a lifestyle that is similar to the one they had before, except now with added health care services and assistance.

Choosing a new way of life for aging seniors is not always easy. But with several great choices to consider, every family should be able to find the type of care and support they desire for a senior relative. If you would like more information, Sienna Living has additional resources available.